Virile Jack

Virile Jack is a completely new game about an attractive young male nurse who gets a job in a nursing home and finds out its more than he’s bargained for. The elderly women can’t keep their hands off of him! To escape each level, Jack must contact the nurse and do a favor for her to receive the key.

Jack is equipped with tranquilizers which he can throw at his foes. In addition to being able to hit them directly, Jack can throw them at the wall where they will stick until a foe hits them. Foes will not die but are incapacitated and slide around docile.

Virile Jack was prepared as a half-semester project with a partner, Danny Pflughoeft. It was featured in Stony Brook's fourth annual game programming competition.

Demo Video Download

This demo video shows the first level of the game where Jack must find the nurse, get her to instruct him in how to get her a soda to earn her favor, collect enough pennies to buy said soda, and then return it to her.

Installable Demo Download

This demo runs on Windows XP/Vista utilizing DirectX 9. This project had sound but it was removed from the distributable because it relied on old versions of XACT that no longer compile.

This demo has two levels. I designed level one and my partner designed level two. This demo has one type of foe (the old ladies with walkers) who bounce around awkwardly but can still home in on their prey.

Given more time, I would likely redo the controls so that aiming and firing the weapon was done with the mouse to make it easier. The current controls use the arrow keys to move, X to shoot and Z to interact with an object (soda machines and nurses in this demo).

Disclaimer: This demo is quite old and some of its implementation is buggy. Specifically, it will not actually end unless you select quit from the menu. To avoid this, do not end the application by using ALT+F4.

Source Code Download

This project was created in Visual Studio using C++. All sprites and tiles are original artwork created in Photoshop. The maps were created using Mappy. Graphics are done with DirectX. Sound for this project is done with DirectX’s XACT software. Requires the DirectX 9 SDK. The same disclaimer from the installable demo applies.

To download sourcecode, a password is required. Please email me password requests if you have not already been provided with the password.


Some source code was provided by Professor Richard McKenna at Stony Brook University. Some classes used in this project were provided to the class for our use including most of the utility classes for DirectX.