The Trip

The Trip is a multiplayer "mock survival horror" game emphasizing teamwork and resource management in the face of imagined peril. It was developed at RIT for the Masters Capstone Project. The Trip was conceived and engineered by a team of four students. The team opted to use C# and develop for the Xbox for the eventual release on Xbox Live Indie games.

Information about The Trip is separated into three sections: this introduction, the documentation for the project produced by the team, and my personal research and contributions.

Game Premise

The Trip is about three tourists and their guide on safari in Africa. The team of four must keep their generator fueled to power lights and weapons (objects referred to as peripherals) to prevent the creatures that lurk in the darkness from destroying them.

Unbeknownst to the characters, they have merely contracted a strange illness that manifests with shared hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions of grandeur. Believing they are keeping the generator fueled and wielding a variety of weapons, the team is, in fact, merely dragging around an ordinary cooler, throwing clumps of grass inside, and wielding simple objects from sticks to tent poles to their own hands.

Video View

This video shows off some of the game logic I programmed and the particle effects I designed. It includes interactions with the following items (in order): Hand gun, flare gun, tag gun, turret gun, gas can, game over, proximity light, lantern, gas can, generator, hand gun, flame thrower, fueling, spotlight. You can also see the help text, which is admittedly still in the "programmer art" stage.

Capstone Process

The capstone project is created over a series of twenty weeks. The first ten weeks are a design phase where the team conceives the game and creates all the documentation they need to build it. This includes High Concept Document (HCD), Game Treatment Document (GTD), Game Design Document (GDD), Technical Design Document (TDD) and the Art Bible. In the second ten weeks, they build their game from the ground up. At the same time, each team member is responsible for an independent research topic. Finally, the team is also responsible for an extensive post mortem.

All of these documents are available in the documentation section.


The Trip was developed by Heather Arbiter, Jay Austin, Kapish Rawat and Joshua Wilson. Art was created by Sam Sawzin. Post processing and terrain generation by David Huynh. Audio from various sources (indicated in the GDD, section 3.16). Additional credits in the introduction.