Darling Crusade

Darling Crusade is a very simple 3D game done in the Torque Game Engine. The assignment was to modify the Demo FPS which comes with the engine and include something original.

Main menu screenshot
Gameplay Video Download

Darling Crusade takes place in a once cheerful town which has been taken over by evil undead skeletons. The main character is an orc (reskinned from the FPS demo) with a heart full of love. The object of the game is to hunt down and kill the evil skeletons with your happy, heart-spewing crossbow.

World Flyover Video Download

This world flyover shows more of the world that cannot be seen in the playable demo. You can see how I changed many of the assets to be more playful, tried to build a town, toyed with some of Torque's particle emitters, and more.

My Contributions & Experiences
Gameplay screenshot

My contributions include level layout, AI paths, modifying provided artwork and particle effects—including weapon splash damage and "waterfall" and "aquaduct" emitters.

Darling Crusade was challenging for three reasons: It was one of my earliest games made in Torque, the time constraints of the course prevented making original models and buildings. Lastly, this version of Torque was old, buggy, and lacking some simple featuers that made moving things around unnessecarily complicated. I retextured the main character and many of the buildings which were provided. I spent a lot of time adding small touches to make the game cheerier, including changing the foot print decals, the particle effects in the crossbow, adding flowers to the foliage and a few other cheerful touches.


This demo was produced with partner Michael Gibson as part of a game programming/design course at Stony Brook University. Assets were provided as part of the course, originally included with the engine, or modified versions of those assets.