Heather Arbiter
NOTICE: This site is NOT updated and hasn't been since 2013. I have a NEW site. All MediaWiki projects are have not been functional since 2012 when I had to change webhosting. The new hosting didn't support a third-party tool that the rest of the work relied on and that tool was never updated.

I am a versatile, motivated game developer with industry experience as a game designer, programmer, and producer. I specialize in systems design including balance, interface, achievements, documentation, monetization, and integration of community feedback. As a producer, I have experience in team leading and project management, scheduling, resource allocation, and coordination.

I have a diverse background that touches on all areas of game development including conception, design, programming, art, production, testing and marketing.

Currently, I am pursuing new game development opportunities in the Greater NYC and San Francisco Bay areas.

I have industry experience in game design, programming and production.