Heather Arbiter

All these projects are available for mobile. Web games are available on desktop and mobile.

The Daily Crossword
Engine for many newspapers including Washington Post and Independent. Meant to be THE best-in-class crossword engine across all platforms, it features highly intuitive keyboard controls, special controls for mobile and customizable usability to adapt to users familiar with other engines. The Daily Crossword is fully cross-platform with unique layouts on desktop, phone and tablet, optimized for each device and orientation to maximize usability. I am also the author of The Daily Mini Crossword.

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The Daily Sudoku, Sudoku
I designed this with features unseen in any other version of the game. The ability to cross out notes is both satisfying and considered highly desirable by diehard fans. Meanwhile subtle highlights on the sides of the grid help track the locations of numbers. This game is used for The Daily Sudoku on many newspapers including LA Times and Washington Post.

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Featured by Google Play and Apple. Nominated Best Mobile Game Playcrafting 2015. I lead design from R&D prototype to mobile release, working with developers and artists to craft a unique, polished game. I also designed and prototyped 5 entirely new game modes for procedurally generated daily content to improve the game's life-time value.

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The Daily Jigsaw, Jigsaw
A classic jigsaw puzzle game with clean and simple functionality. The piece tray and ability to arrange the pieces helpfully make sure the game is improved in the digital version without taking away any of the fun. The Daily version is part of The Daily brand and features a fixed puzzle per day. I designed UX and features for this game.

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Wander Words
A new word game that challenges players to unwind words and phrases with a swipe of the finger. As game designer, I emphasized UX—focusing on making sure the challenge was in the puzzle, not the input.

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Match & Merge
Featured by Google Play and maintaining a 4.5 star rating on Google and iOS, Match & Merge is packed with over 200 levels of puzzles. I worked on this game at every iteration and designed more than 70% of the levels, arranging and balancing them to retain players better than any other Arkadium game.

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A fast-paced trivia game that makes you question everything you know, don't know and can be tricked into believing. As game designer, I set the game's pace, wrote content, laid out UI and helped bring this game to life on the mobile web where its simple interface and speedy gameplay fit comfortably.

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Twisty Hollow
Featured by Apple and Google Play, recipient of the Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Twisty Hollow is a critically-acclaimed premium mobile game with a wacky story, unique mechanics and twists and turns to leave the player's head spinning with delight. I worked with other designers on all aspects of the game from story to levels to the comedic mayoral decrees.

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My Own Website
Rapidly built in pure HTML and CSS this site uses the green "lasers" and dark colors as a continuation of my own brand. It is responsive and grows more responsive each day!
Toybox Trouble
Created in 48 hours during the 2014 Global Game Jam, this simplfied fighting game is about a little girl and her toys. In addition to general design contributions, I conceived and recorded all the sound effects (replacing traditional effects with voice-over) winning this game Best Audio at one of the largest GGJ sites in the world.

Gameplay Video | Play on David's Site

This portfolio is always expanding. Wireframes, specifications, or other documents showing the development process can be provided on request.