Product Manager
Product Designer
Game Designer

User-Centered Design

I come from the casual games industry where one has to build for users. They don't need to play so they won't tolerate a weak experience. Competitive analysis, frequent user testing, monitoring analytics data, and, lean, agile iteration are all tools I use to design products people enjoy using.

Lean & Agile

With experience in engineering, web, UX, and visual design, I have the tools to communicate and collaborate across disciplines. I've worked at every aspect of the product life cycle—from conception, to launch, to post-launch data analysis. My job doesn't end with a wireframe; I work side-by-side with the team through production to ensure each product meets its business goals.

Shipped Product

I've worked on over 15 launched games. Mobile games like Imago and Twisty Hollow were featured by Apple and Google in the app store. The Daily Crossword is used across the globe by major publications. And I presided over creation of Microsoft Solitaire's Daily Challenges, ensuring that quality content was launched on time.