Recent Work at Tylted, Inc.

My most recent position was at Tylted, Inc. (formerly Cellufun) where I served in multiple capacities. Originally hired as a game designer, I served as design lead on my first title, Pocket Beanie Babies, a modern interpretation of an existing Tylted game, MobilePets. I maintained documentation, drew up wireframes for interface, built a prototype in C# to simulate balance and mechanics, and also assisted on coding the game in ASP.

I then went on to work on numerous other projects, most notably, Cubugs, a cloud-based, match-three puzzle game. I served as lead designer, as well as producer and programmer on Cubugs and it is the game I am most proud of from my time with Tylted.

Game Designer (January 2011 – December 2012)
Lead designer on Pocket Beanie Babies, Hallofun: Pumpkin Chuckin', Merry Mobile: Elf Chuckin', Courtly Love: Dungeons & Dating, and Cubugs. Participating designer camPAIN 2012, Hallofun: Mash of the Monsters. Designed interface upgrades and mini games in several holiday event games including Merry Mobile and Hallofun. Wrote and maintained documentation, interface designs and wireframes for most games. Programmer on many of same projects. Liaised with player community on chat, forums, social media.

Over time, I also took on many responsibilities that lead to me moving up to Producer. I coordinated most of the in-house games while still retaining many of my designer duties.

Producer (February 2012 – December 2012)
Managed development of projects both for games and general site. Worked with artists and programmers. Ensured resources were used to their fullest ability. Lead production of most games produced in house. Continued supporting duties as game designer and programmer.

Eventually I also took on the role of Site Director, serving as a producer on the Tylted site redesign and many site upgrades. I also produced and managed many of the onsite promotions, coordinating with social media, marketing and art to ensure that promotional goods for sales were delivered and made available on site. I also handled the integration of many of the Tylted platform games working closely with the Platform Manager on integrating many of the new games into the Tylted environment.

Site Director (August 2012 – December 2012)
Supervised game catalog and guiding integration of all games on site. Assisted coordinating third party games added to platform. Managed on-site promotions and site redesign (front end programming and development. ASP Programming, Database support).

Games at Tylted

The following is a list of the games I worked on while at Tylted and some of the duties I performed on each title. They are listed in chronological order.

  • Courtly Love 2011 — tester, community feedback
  • Pocket Beanie Babies — lead designer (balance, interface, achievements, systems), documentation, ASP programmer
  • Hallofun 2011
    • Pumpkin Chuckin' — interface and systems design, ASP Programming
    • Trick-or-Treating — trick/treat system, interface upgrades
    • Interface upgrades — designed and programmed interface upgrades game-wide
  • Merry Mobile 2011
    • Elf Chuckin' — lead design (systems, interface, achievements, balance), ASP programming
    • Reindeer Games — designed and balanced, interface ASP programming
    • Global Gift-a-thon — systems design and ASP programming
    • Naughty/Nice System — systems design and ASP programming
    • Interface upgrades — designed and programmed interface upgrades game-wide
  • Courtly Love: Dungeons & Dating — lead designer, ASP programmer
  • Seasonal Games (small seasonal games each year at Tylted) — Producer, support programmer, game updates and support
    • Luck o' the Irish
    • Fowl Play
    • Cinco de Mayo
  • Cubugs — lead designer (balance, interface, systems, achievements) and producer, lead ASP programmer
  • camPAIN 2012 — interface design, consulting designer, producer
  • Hallofun 2012
    • Mash of the Monsters — consulting designer, database support, , virtual goods creation (I supervised and designed most of the integration of thousands of virtual goods on the site into the game as well as creating new items and integrating them into the site mall)
  • Merry Mobile 2012
    • Candy Crane — ASP Programming and support