Airport Kiosk App - Concept and Wireframes

At various airports, iPads are provided at designated stations for travelers. This particular one allows travelers to play games, use the internet, order food (if the device is stationed at a restaurant), and explore the terminal. One of its most vital functions is to keep travelers informed about their upcoming flight.

This is an ongoing project to showcase various tools and a bit of insight into how I create products. I built three sample screens showing various features so far:

Welcome screen at a restaurant

And two food menu screens

Both screens maintain a top navigation bar. This helps improve usability especially for users who are less familiar with iOS devices. Specifically, a back button. The back button is the most used button in a web browser and is built into the device interface on Android, but its functionality can be overlooked or masked in various iOS apps—this is not an app for an iOS-user but rather for any user.

All screens also maintain a flight info bar on the bottom which helps the user with the most important thing they generally need: when do they have to head to their gate and board!

In the wireframes, I highlight large graphic areas in peach and showcase buttons in blue text and stroke. Wireframes created in OmniGraffle. Icons from Noun Project.

I also built a flow that explores most of the top levels of the app.